Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another year passed

I haven't visited this blog more than a year and when I happened to come here I thought to leave some footprint for myself. It's 3 years and half after my return and I so love everything in Cambodia. I have time for my family, holidays and inviting them to dinners, chatting with them just for a smile and I am so satisfied with what life has been treating me so far. Alright, I do not have much to say as I do before, but I'll come here as often as I could to freewrite my blog. Till then!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Holiday in Sihanouk Ville Again

It's so excited just to think of it. I love seafood, the beaches and most of all the sea. I can't get enough from the sea. I don't need to spend my holiday abroad even though I'm financially capable of doing so. All I need is lying on the bench watching the big blue sea and people walking by with their bikinis. We'll choose Sokha Beach to stay which is considered luxurious for all of all. I love the breakfast there. I can't wait. Our plan is to go there in September.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Within an inch of danger

At about 8 am, my grandma came visit. She told me about my day horoscope was not favorable; the year of yours was to be careful while driving she said. I didn't believe it much, so I gave her a big grin. I drove as usual but made sure I was careful enough. At about 4 pm I went out for shopping. As I turned a corner to the right as slower as possible, a motorbike suddenly happened to turn left into my way in front of my car. It was okay if I remained my position and my speed, but I didn't. I thought I wanted to be more cautious, so I applied the brake. Normally I put my foot straight to the brake, so what I did was just to step on it. But not this time. I didn't know why my foot was direct to the accelerator. As I stepped on it, I know you can guess what happened. It was so quick. I almost hit the man and his motorbike, but I was quick and calm enough to put things under control. I cut to the right in an incredible speed that we both could avoid the incident just by inches. I saw him turn pale and so did I. I hit myself hard on my forehead. What the hell was that?? I must be more cautious; a car accident involves something horrible I don't want to imagine.