Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The One

To find mister or miss right is arduous like finding the right way to paradise after death. Spouse relationship can't be establish unless there is a strong committment between the two parties. And when once the relationship is legally and officially bonded, you just have to walk through it with your life. When you find someone is good enough for you, you might consider that the person is your mister or miss right and you start to take action with that person. You might want to date them before getting married to get to know more about that person, and then you start to understand that he/she is the one. You decide to go on and finially you two get married to start your own family. Suddenly you realize that the person you are married to is strongly connected to their family. If the family has no personel issues, that is your luck, but if the family is full of problems and issues to deal with, then you will become the most abysmal person in world you're in. What to deal with such problems that happen repeatedly. From a point of view, when it involves with your private life and you have to go with it, then you just have to live with it until the day your partner decide to give in or until the day you die. Which one is more important to you? The family you were born to? Or, the family you establish with your both hands?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Misunderstanding&Bad instruction

So, I've sent my bank card to a good friend of mine in Yokohama, hoping that she would check the balance for me. She was busy helping her parents travel around Nagoya, and, after when she came back from Nagoya, she got to check the bank for me, but unfortunately she did not recognize which bank my card belonged to. The card was written with Fuji Bank, but she could not see any Fuji Bank eventhough she tried so hard to find one. When she was in Nagoya, she could not find one also and that made her think that the bank was only located in Tokyo. I was wondering about that when I was so told; however, I remained silent to wait and see. And even after she came back, yet she had the same answer, I started to wonder. She said maybe there was no Fuji Bank any longer, then I'd realized she didn't know that Fuji Bank has now become Mizuho. I busted into laughing restlessly. lolz. It was too funy for me 'coz I thought she knew it had changed long time ago. She herself dumped her head also. How ignorant! Anyway, that was the first mistake. The second one happened when I prolonged my instruction about what to do with my card and the money. She sent it back with her father. Ah...I wanted her to keep it there so when the money was transmitted she could confirm it for me. Anyways, when I told her about it, she blamed on me a lot. She said I was careless, and should have told her before that. I said I thought by telling her nothing what to do with the card, she would ignore it and leave it there. Anyways, I accepted it and promised not to do the same mistakes. Instruction should be more prompt and accurate.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thai troops invade Cambodia

So, the greedy Thai won't give up their ambition in stealing Preah Vihear even if the temple is regconized by world.

Thai troops accused of entering Cambodia in dispute over temple
By Andrew Buncombe, Asia Correspondent
Wednesday, 16 July 2008

"The controversy surrounding an 11th-century temple on the Cambodian border with Thailand has taken a new twist after the authorities in Phnom Penh alleged that up to 170 armed troops and civilians from Thailand had illegally entered its territory.

Cambodia's Information Minister, Khieu Kanharith, made the allegation yesterday, a week after the country celebrated the temple's designation by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site. He said the troops and civilians had crossed the border close to the Preah Vihear temple and refused to pull back. The Thai authorities denied they had crossed into Cambodian territory and claimed that troops had gathered close to the border simply to protect the nation's "sovereign territory". They said at least one soldier was injured after accidentally triggering one of the landmines that litter the border between the two countries.

The incident is the latest flash-point in a long-running controversy between the two countries over the Hindu temple, which was built by the Khmer empire. As far back as 1962, an international court ruled that the temple belonged to Cambodia but the two countries havequarrelled over the land surrounding the temple.

In 2001 Cambodia began seeking special status for the temple in the hope that such a designation would boost the number of tourists visiting the site. Thailand had long opposed the designation because it feared the ruling would also say that thedisputed territory along the border belonged to Cambodia.

But in May, Thailand's Prime Minister, Samak Sundaravej, announced that he was supporting the Cambodian application. His decision – taken without parliamentary approval – was seized on by his political opponents who have sought to drum up a nationalist outcry over his decision. Last month, Mr Samak survived a confidence vote brought by his opponents, who have accused him of acting as a proxy for the former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Yesterday, Major-General Kanok Netakawesana, a Thai army field commander in the region, told reporters that his troops were on Thai soil close to the disputed area but they had not crossed into Cambodia. "We are not violating the territory of Cambodia," he told the Associated Press. "We have every right to deploy troops here to protect our sovereignty."

The deployment of the Thai troops followed the arrest by Cambodia of three Thai citizens for allegedly crossing the border earlier in the day. A Cambodian government official said all three were later released.

While the Khmer empire constructed many temple complexes – the most famous being that located at Angkor Wat – the buildings at Preah Vihear are said to enjoy perhaps the most stunning location, high on a cliff top. The temple has long been favoured as a defensive outpost; in 1975 government troops based there held off Khmer Rouge fighters for more than a month after the rest of the country fell. In 1998, when the last sizeable group of Khmer Rouge fighters agreed to surrender to the Cambodian government, Preah Vihear was the location of negotiations."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Experience KFC in PP

I rarely used KFC in the past because I didn't like its salty taste and it was more expensive than Mcdonald's. Today we had a chance to eat out at KFC with my sister since she's loving their fried chickens, so we went. The chickens was so so, but I think the price was a little higher than that of BBWorld and Lucky Burgur. Well, for me once is more than enough. I won't have it for a long time until there is a temptation against my will again. For other thing I don't like about KFC in PP is its small parking lot. Monivong bld is even more stuck because of KFC's customers' cars parking on the side of the road.
BTW, because lots of fastfood such as KFC, BBWorld and so forth are spreading all over Phnom Penh, kids and teens these days tend to be overweight. I've seen many fat kids in my neighborhood. Fat kids here, I mean they are very fat just like those in the US. They become big and round which were hardly seen in the past. Thus people including myself must be more cautious to these problems which can easily happen to my own family and people.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Concert July 14th

Now without doubt we all know that Preah Vihear is registered as world heritage and is now known to the world that it belongs to Cambodia. The world congratulates Cambodia while Cambodia people themselves are celebrating a concert with firework opening for the happiest moment. It's been 50 years since Cambodia began to ask for justice from UN for our territory and heritage from Thailand till the day it is recognized by the world, the entire world. The firework was even greater than the last water festival's was. And the Olympic Stadium was full of people to come and celebrate the historically auspicious event. The concert presented famous singers such as Preap Sovath, Meng Keopichenda, etc.

Less Words

It's hard to attempt to do things you are not into it. It's like I have a purpose to continue my blog but don't have much to say with it. I don't know what to write more. Is it because life is not more interested as before? No. It's not true. Life is enjoyable and everything seems okay at the moment. Family is financially stable. However, I regconize my interests have changed a lot for the last recent years. I am not quite interested in politics any longer; Cambodia is on general election, yet I hardly notice any thing special. I don't know since when I have become so ignorant like this. I worry my view can't be wider or broader since I am not reading either papers or books no more. After all these years, I seem to have become so exhausted and just want to stay at home as a simple housewife the status I myself hardly accomplish.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anger softened

So after sleeping over the matter for a night with a smile, I could actually smile. Naturally. I feel good to win myself and others this way with a very comfortable feeling. Anger can hardly harm me no more. No wrinkles on my forhead to be stained.Lolz. Smiling can actually help to cut down those unhappy wrinkles and put some more charm on your face. I'm kind of like it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Who wins at last?

Stay as who you are
Keep smiling to your enemy
Win your anger
Benifit it