Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Volunteer Spirit

A large number of elementary schools in Cambodia is built by foreigns' donation. After the construction, a brand-new school is standing in the school ground handsomely; however, some organizations or sponsors only donate the budget for school building unlike a small number of organizations or sponsors who are willing to help and look after their donations even afterward. The latter ones always make time and money to continue to visit the archievements they have built. Usually they donate in other forms as well such as scholarships for poor children and encouragement monthly fee for teachers who serve additional courses upon the purpose of the donators. Most school teachers and principals are very cooperative at first, but, after a long term help, they start to have different ideas. They always ask and take, and forget how to thank and give. They often complain about trivial matters and always ask for more. They never try to consider the donators' feelings.

.........to be continue..........

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Do you like your private life? I definitely do if you ask me. I am very fond of my own space and time. I value every time, place and the person I want to spend with. Being busy with both work and students almost 24/7, I do love my private holiday whenever it comes to the chance. Last time, it was general election for Cambodia, so we had a three day holiday inclusive of Sat, Sun and Monday. I was so excited after having working hard through all the last few months without real holiday. I did not plan to do much, just spending time with my beloved family relaxably without taking any other matters into consideration. I will be glad to please anyone if I choose to spend my time with them, but when it comes to this matter and even by force by someone else, then I will be very disappointed and ruin the pleasure and relaxation for the whole holiday. Thus, for the last holiday, I desperately wanted it for my own family until I was asked to take someone to stay with me during the holiday. I just couldn't take it. I am down to earth and I say what I feel. I said I was sorry because I thought it would be tiresome for her to stay with us during the next holiday. Let me explain why. First, I might oversleep until lunch, and then I might just want to eat anthing 'coz I wouldn't care what I wanted to eat and so forth. And for another reason was it was not a must that she must stay with us. Her family including the girl had come over for a few nights already, so why should she come again only after a few days later? I know the person asked me for the favor must have been very disappointed with me and my answer. I was so sorry, but I didn't have another choice.